Manufacture of Shovel excavators UNEX 
 The E-303 general purpose excavator is intended for construction work, for overburden removal
and for mining of minerals. The control of the machine is electropneumatic. The excavator is
driven by three main electric motors. The working voltage of electric motors is supplied
according to customer´s wish for the voltage either 380 V or 500 V. Input voltage of the
excavator can be low 380 V event. 500 V or high 6000 V or 10 400 V. In this case the
excavator is fitted with a transformer.
Mean service weight – 110 tons. The excavator can be equipped with three kinds of crawlers of
widths of 650 mm, 1000 mm and 1300 mm according to the carrying capacity of the ground.
Capacity of the shovel with teeth 4,5 m³
Rated output per 1 hour 625 m³
Capacity of the rock face shovel 3,4 m³
Rated output per 1 hour 470 m³
Capacity of the shovel without teeth 5 m³
Rated output per 1 hour 695 m³
Capacity of the grab 2,5 m³
Boom length 20 m and 25 m
Rated output per 1 hour 150 – 225 m³
Capacity of the dragine 1,7 m³
Boom length 20 and 25 m
Rated output per 1 hour 102-153 m³
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