Manufacture of Shovel excavators UNEX 
-        warranty and after-warranty service, technical inspection of UNEX excavators
-        minor and major repairs, production and sales of new excavators
On the basis of the contract ND LOR has taken over the entire service and sales net of UNEX shovel excavators and therefore the exclusive owner of all licences, authorization, technological processes and know-how concerning UNEX shovel excavators.
ND LOR UNIČOV is the only subject which has the right to supply original spare parts and provide service for UNEX shovel excavators.
This is conducted solely through ND LOR or contracted trade and service representatives. Provides highly qualified and experienced team of service technicians to customers who own all kinds of UNEX electric ropes and diesel hydraulic shovel excavators.
The company ensures warranty and after-warranty service for all types of excavators. According to customers demands the company provides minor and major repairs. On the basis of customers order the company supplies excavators after complete overhaul. The service technicians in the company perform preventive maintenance of UNEX excavators in order to inspect their overall condition and advise accordingly.


All types:
E - 25, 301, 302, 303
DH - 12, 20, 28, 40, 100, 101, 102, 103, 411, 421, 441, 431, 611, 621, 631, 641
EH - 621, 931 SR - 15, SM - 15, D - 141

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